An overview of general information about a facility. Information about the type of license a facility has and a description of specific restrictions related to the license. Additional information provided by the owner.  Each individual Child Care Facility determines the inclusion of these items in the structure of the program. Information about the legal owner/operator. Information about visits made to a Child Care Facility by the Division of Child Development.  Information about the Administrative Actions that were issued to the facility and the reasons the actions were taken. Ways to obtain additional information.
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Violations not corrected during visit are pending verification by consultant. Once verification is confirmed by the consultant, it will be noted in the individual violation summary. To get more information about the visit, contact the child care facility.
ABC ACADEMY - Ph: (704) 567-1655
Visit Details
Date of Visit 1/17/2020
Type of Visit


Violations Found
Rule Violated: A summary of the NC Child Care Law was not posted in a prominent place in the center. A summary of law was not posted.

Violation corrected during visit
Rule Violated: Fire drills were not practiced monthly and/or the drill record was incomplete. No fire drill was documented for December 2019.

Violation confirmed corrected by letter received from provider on 1/30/2020
Rule Violated: On or before the first day of work, all staff, including the director and individuals who volunteer more than once per week did not provide test results showing that they were free of active TB and/or TB test was older than 12 months.One staff member’s date of employment was November 25, 2019, the staff members TB test was dated September 6, 2018.

Violation confirmed corrected by letter received from provider on 1/30/2020
Rule Violated: Center did not maintain a record of daily attendance. In space #1 (8) eight three-year-old were present, but no one was marked on the attendance sheet.

Violation corrected during visit

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