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An overview of general information about a facility. Information about the type of license a facility has and a description of specific restrictions related to the license. Additional information provided by the owner.  Each individual Child Care Facility determines the inclusion of these items in the structure of the program. Information about the legal owner/operator. Information about visits made to a Child Care Facility by the Division of Child Development.  Information about the Administrative Actions that were issued to the facility and the reasons the actions were taken. Ways to obtain additional information.
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The visit history below reflects DCDEE visits made to the facility over the past three years. Visits are conducted to monitor for compliance within child care facilities across the state.
To review violations cited during a DCDEE visit please prior to January 1, 2016, please click on the visit date. Visits conducted after January 1, 2016, will display as announced or unannounced visit types.

All Visits with the exception of pending Child Maltreatment Investigations will display on the website. Following the conclusion of a Child Maltreatment Investigation, if child maltreatment was substantiated and/or violations were cited during the visit violation information will display. If child maltreatment was not substantiated and no violations were cited the information remains confidential. These changes are a result of changes in Session Law 2015-123.

For more information please contact the provider or submit this request form to the Division of Child Development and Early Education.

TINY TADPOLES - Ph: (910) 362-1637
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