An overview of general information about a facility. Information about the type of license a facility has and a description of specific restrictions related to the license. Additional information provided by the owner.  Each individual Child Care Facility determines the inclusion of these items in the structure of the program. Information about the legal owner/operator. Information about visits made to a Child Care Facility by the Division of Child Development.  Information about the Administrative Actions that were issued to the facility and the reasons the actions were taken. Ways to obtain additional information.
Basic Facility Information
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DD&T'S HOME DAYCARE - Ph: (919) 381-4728

Basic Information

License Number*


Location Address

DURHAM, NC 27703

Email Address

Web Site Address

Not Available

Type of Program*

Family Child Care Home

Enrolled in Subsidized Child Care Program*


Sanitation Report Information*

The State of North Carolina does not require Sanitation Inspections for Family Child Care Homes, but local County Health Departments may.

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