An overview of general information about a facility. Information about the type of license a facility has and a description of specific restrictions related to the license. Additional information provided by the owner.  Each individual Child Care Facility determines the inclusion of these items in the structure of the program. Information about the legal owner/operator. Information about visits made to a Child Care Facility by the Division of Child Development.  Information about the Administrative Actions that were issued to the facility and the reasons the actions were taken. Ways to obtain additional information.
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Choosing a child care facility can be one of the most important decisions a parent will make

Ensuring your child receives quality child care is achieved by making an informed decision. All of the information is important and should be considered when selecting a child care facility.

The Division of Child Development has made every effort to provide information needed to help you make the best choice for you and your child.

If needed, more information can be obtained. Child care facilities have on file copies of all forms, visit information, and inspection reports. At your request the provider can make this information available for you to view. Please call STEPS TO HOPE ACADEMY at (828) 595-2945 for additional information.

If you still have questions about a facility you can request additional information from the Division of Child Development by e-mail using the Resources in Child Care Information Request or by calling 1-800-859-0829 . To view the facility's paper file in person, you can come to DCDEE's main office in Raleigh at 319 Chapanoke Road, Suite 120.

In your local community, you may have a Child Care Resource and Referral Agency who can provide additional information about vacancies, costs, and other pertinent information.