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This section provides you with an overview of the North Carolina child care facility web site. In addition, helpful hints and tips are provided that can assist you in the child care decision-making process. We also introduce you to the web site glossary and how you can use it to familiarize yourself with any terms that aren't clear to you.

You can check the website on a regular basis as information is updated frequently.

This Helper page is setup in the following order:
1. How This Site Works
2. Helpful Hints
3. Tips for a Successful Search

How This Site Works

The web site is setup in a Search - Results - Detailed Information format.
In other words:
1. You provide the search criteria
2. The web site provides you a results listing of all the facilities meeting your requirements
3. You explore detailed information on any of the facilities in the results listing

Let's take a quick tour. The image below is the first screen you will use to search for a child care facility.

Conducting Your Search

You can search through North Carolina's child care facilities using 2 different methods:

Search by License Number - Use this if you know some part of, or all of, a facility's License Number.
Search by one or more criteria - This is the way to search if you are trying to find facilities based on specific requirements that you may have.
After choosing a search method, click the Submit button to get a list of facilities that match your requirements.

The image below is an example of the results list that you will see after submitting your search criteria.

Example of Search Results List

Exploring the Search Results

The results list provides the following information:

  • Facility Name
  • Contact Information
  • License Type

    By clicking the facility name, you will be taken to a detailed report.

    The image below is an example of the navigational tab bar at the top of the facility report that provides specific information about the facility.

Reviewing the Detailed Facility Report

Simply click the name of the other tabs and you can learn additional information about the facility. Using the tabs, you can obtain:

  • Information about the facility in general
  • Licensing information
  • Features of the facility including additional services the facility provides
  • Owner information
  • Site visits that DCD made to the facility
  • If applicable, information about any administrative actions
  • Assistance in requesting additional information not covered in the web site

Helpful Hints

  1. Bookmark this site in your web browser for quick access in the future.

  2. Once you've received a list of facilities from your search, print that page if possible.

  3. Learn more about unfamiliar terms using the site glossary. An asterisk beside any term in the site indicates that the word has a glossary definition. To access this definition, click on the term and the glossary window will pop up. You can also access the glossary at any time by clicking on the glossary link in the Resources Bar.

  4. Use the Resources Bar to access general helpful information and to return to the main DCD and DHHS pages.

  5. The Contact & E-Mail link will get you connected with more help at DCD if you still have questions after completing your search.

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Tips for a Successful Search

  • When conducting your search, enter as much information as you know in the search criteria to narrow down your search results. Remember, less criteria provided equals more facilities in your results list!
  • Review all of the information given to have a more accurate picture of a facility.
  • Use the site glossary and other resource links to better understand facility terminology.
  • Once you've narrowed your search to a few facilities, you should make a visit to these facilities and do the following:
    • Talk to the Director
    • Ask about the caregiver's education, experience, and ongoing training
    • Take a tour of the facility
    • Meet the staff
    • Spend time observing the classrooms
    • Inquire about any special features of the facility
    • Ask to see the facility file that contains DCD reporting information
    • If possible, talk to parents who have children enrolled in the facility
Click Here for more detailed information about choosing quality child care.

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